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Melissa will be out of the country Sept. 19 - Oct. 5. She will not be able to get in touch with you until then. She will contact you as soon as she can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Readings with Melissa provide helpful insights to your options, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. The more informed and aware we are about the present will help us make more informed, clear decisions on the future. Because Melissa is a medium, she has the ability to connect you with your passed on loved ones who deliver messages to you. If this is your intention, bringing objects and/or photographs help Melissa connect with their energy (though it's not necessary).  

All sessions are recorded and provided to you as a complimentary gift, and are sent to you via e-mail usually within 48 hours.

Melissa is based in Boston but travels throughout the year to various locations including Raleigh and Seattle. Be on the lookout for announcements of where/when on the home page of this website. 

If you live in a different time zone, please be sure you are booking the correct time for our appointment.
- Subtract 1 hour for Central Time
- Subtract 2 hours for Mountain Time
- Subtract 3 hours for Pacific Time

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